Monday, August 01, 2005

Monday, Monday

Just as a side note before I begin, it struck me as funny last night how just when I have determined in my head that something is a certain way, the Lord goes and changes things. Not to get into specifics, to protect the innocent, but I had decided in my own heart about something and had even resigned that fact within myself. I had even said "Well, perhaps it is better this way." But just as I did that, and decided to "move on" lo and behold the Lord goes and changes things and shows me that things aren't always the way we see them with our own human eyes. Have you ever had that happen, where you have just absolutley decided something or someone is a certain way, and then been surprised when it turns out exactly the opposite of what you thought. Anyway, just a side note.

The Mariners game on Friday was fun. Not because the game was any good, but just fun to hang out with a bunch of people from church who all have a good time together. The "highlight" of the game came in about the 7th inning. We were getting our tushies kicked all over the field and there were a couple of hit batters and so the other team hit one of our batters. Rather obvious as payback. Benches cleared, the pitchers in the bullpens ran out on to the field. We thought perhaps there would be a fight, but instead they all kind of just mingled around the middle of the field. At one point I actually saw one of our players give a great big bear hug to one of their players and shake his hand as though they were long lost friends. In fact, other than the guy on our team who got hit, and the pitcher who hit him, it was rather like a fraternity reunion out there rather than a fight. Pretty funny. The fans booed when everyone went back to their own dugouts without a punch being thrown. Hilarious.

I also spent the weekend getting ready for my trip. I leave Friday, and with a meeting Wed. night, a class at church Thurs. night, I had a lot to accomplish! It is amazing what needs to be done so that you can be gone for ten days, especially when travelling abroad. Another funny story: I went to Fred Meyers (Kroger for all my midwest friends and family) to get travel sized shampoo and conditioner etc. etc. etc., and when the guy was ringing me up he said, "so, did you just decide to get all the sample sizes and try this stuff out before buying the big stuff?" I think I just kind of looked at him for a moment, because I thought he was kidding (as he scaneed my travel sized toothpaste, and toothbrush container, and soap container, and travel sized contact solution.......). I could hardly believe he was asking me. So I just told him "No, I am actually traveling to London and needed travel sizes to not weigh my suitcase down." He then looked a little startled, looked down at what he was scanning, blushed, and said, "Oh!" Sara (roommate) and I had a good laugh at that one!

Anyway, have a great Monday morning! Love you all!

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