Friday, July 29, 2005

Remann Hall

For those of you not from Tacoma, Remann Hall is a juvenile detention center here in Tacoma. It is where kids convicted of crimes who are too young for adult prison go to serve their terms. We had something called a flatbed there last night. Just basically an evangelical outreach for the kids. Here is the report I just had to share:

"What a miracle tonight at Remann Hall. We ran out of Bibles to hand out to kids who stood up for Jesus. We literally had 85 kids out of about 90 stand up. It was crazy - we sent people aournd to get names so that we could pray for them and get Bibles to them. We had 20 New Songers + 3 others there to minister and pray. We had 20-30 others praying including Clover Creek Bible Fellowship. It was amazing. What a victory for the King - it didn't matter who was bringing the word - Jesus was there in a huge way."

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  1. Erin,

    Thank You for including me on the very interesting concept and way to let friends and loved ones know where you are today and how God is working in your life. I love and Pray for you and miss our relationship. I know God is working in both our lives and that he does not forsake us. I am getting ready to go to a Bible study by Angela Thomas. " Do you think I am beautiful" there are 25 women from age 17-58 that will be there and I am so excited to begin this study. I am also in the middle of completing Created to Be His Help Meet" April and I are both reading this one and the Lord sure has revealed some things I have needed revealed from 38 yrs ago. I love you and will check in often. God Bless! Aunt Shelly