Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sing, Sing a song

Written by Erin O
All rights reserved

These chains wrapped tight around me
Holdin' me down
A trouble I couldn't strive my way out
Eternally bound

Til you stepped in
Removed my sin
Threw the chains to the ground.

Cuz I'm free
Freed to dance, freed to sing
I'm free,
Freed to fly, freed to run

The days were dark upon me
Nothing to see.
There didn't seem to be an end in sight
Black as can be

Til you stepped in,
Removed my sin
Took the blinders from me

Cuz I'm free,
Freed to laugh, freed to love
I'm free
Freed to dare, freed to dream

So when the day seems long
and life seems wrong,
He's opened the door.
He'll pick you off the floor,
Of that prison cell
And set you free once more!

Cuz you're free!
Freed to hope, freed to joy
You're free
Freed to grow, freed to live
You're free

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