Sunday, December 09, 2007

Calling...The Small Yeses

The previous post about promises that I typed a few weeks ago has still been rattling around in my brain a bit and I wanted to get some thoughts "on paper."

Let me start by prefacing that I think sometimes the promises of the Lord correlate to our calling. We use the word calling to indicate the thing (or things) that we feel we have been places on this planet for, the things we are passionate about and the things we feel we were meant to do. I think that each and every one of us HAS a calling....the first calling being the call to come to the Lord...the second calling being to become more like Him, and the third being those specific things that we were placed on this planet to do.

Some aspects of are calling, ARE promises. Meaning, that they will happen, they are promised to us. Period. Other aspects of our calling require a level of obedience on our part. We are required to obey for them to come to pass. It requires a devine/human cooperative.

There are some things that the Lord has called me to. He has spoken directly to them. And, when I am doing them, I feel passionate and on fire and to quote the book "How to Ruin Your Life by 40" they are my sweet spot.

However, I am realizing how so often I feel because I know what those things are that the Lord will somehow just make them happen. But what I am realizing is that those things actually more often than not require me to say yes. Even when that Yes does not seem to make a whole lot of sense. I think the Lord just wants to be able to use those who are willing to obey no matter what, and those small yeses reveal our heart: how willing are we?

I am in a season where there are things I am starting to say yes to. Just like Abraham and Joseph, if I had been given what was promised at the beginning, my character would not have been refined and I would have misused the thing the Lord had given me.

And so, I am content in the process.