Friday, July 29, 2005


Well, I am off to a Mariner's game tonight. Never mind that they completely stink this year. It should be fun anyway!

Also, tomorrow heading over to Nate and Cailyn Aune's house to prepare for our trip to London. Did I mention that I leave a WEEK FROM TODAY??!! Woo hoo! I was a bit apprehensive, until I found out that we'd be doing a lot more than just soccer. We also get to play softball. I get to play softball in England! How cool is that? We will be playing sports in the park in the afternoons and inviting the kids who are there to an "evening meeting." How British does that sound? I had to laugh when I heard that! We are also going to get to stay with some families at Christ Church Fulham while we are there. I am so looking forward to getting to know the people and way of life in England.

Things in London are of course very tumultuous right now. According to the Youth Pastor at Christ Church: "As you guys could imagine. The enemy is trying to bring a lot of fearand division to the communities of London over the last two weeks.Through a lot of prayer Jesus is foiling terrorists and aiding thesecuirty services to find and arrest those involved. Be at peace as youcome God is bringing you to advance His kingdom in the lives andfamilies of the gangs who walk in darkness. His protectin over all of usis complete!"

Be praying for our safety and for the Lord's work to be done during the week we are ministering there!
Love you all,

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