Monday, August 29, 2005

I Am the One

Had a great night last night at NewSong. Brian and Christy were back from their vacation to Florida and Brian was in prime form; talking about how in love with us Jesus is. Specifically talking about how John the disciple had a revelation of the love Jesus had for him. Enough that he referrs to himself as "the one that Jesus loved" throughout the gospel of John. Not that Jesus actually DID love him more than others; John just GOT it in a way that the others didn't.

We are loved the same way. What a mind-blowing concept. This also is the very heart of what I have been learning over the last few years....really the crux of what the Lord has been teaching me.

The One
by Me
All Rights reserved

I am the one You love
I am the one You adore
It is for me alone you sacrificed
I am the one you bled and broke for.
And were the whole world empty
If there were no one else but me
You would still have gladly gone
To die upon that tree.

In my wanderings I have left you
Strayed far away from home.
I have squandered many chances
And run wild on my own.
I have wasted what you've given me
And reaped what I haven't sown.
And still.....CHORUS

In my hatred I have decided
That there is nothing good in what I see.
I have blamed you for withholding all the things
That I thought my life should be.
It seems there's nothing I haven't done
To numb this pain inside of me.
And still....CHORUS

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