Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I have been in what I call "purge mode" the last few days. What I mean by this is I am ruthlessly going through my house and getting rid of all of the extra stuff that I have never used, haven't used in a long time, or will never use again. It has been cathartic. I think as I have been thinking about the ability to be more mobile, or the thought of what I'd get rid of if I was moving has given me new vigor to "clean house." Some of the stuff I have just had to ask myself "Why are you still saving this?" Like half-burned candles. Let's be real, folks, I am not going to keep half-burned candles around. You should see the pile of stuff in the middle of my room waiting to go to charity. And, it keeps growing by the day. One of the fun results of this is that I actually found a couple pairs of pants and a couple of dresses that I had stored away some years ago when they no longer fit. For some reason I kept them....and now, they fit again. It is like going shopping in your own closet. I have some more cleaning out to do, and some things I think I am going to try to sell rather than give away. But, all in all, it feels good to be cleaning stuff out.

I had lunch on Sunday with my good friend Jessica, and we were talking about callings and how much I wanted to go back to London, and how that could work, or what might happen with that. Then, that night, Brian and a bunch of folks who had been leading a freedom conference at Youth With A Mission headquarters this last week were back. Basically, the gist of his message was.....we are being sent out NOW! Prophetic words that our church would be used across the world are happening now. We are offically partnering with YWAM and going to be going to all of their Discipleship Training Schools in 40 different countries to teach restoration and freedom ministry! Brian said, we could, in theory, be sending teams out EVERY WEEK to various places across the world to lead freedom classes etc.! I got home on Sunday night and felt the pull even more....how soon can I do this??!! I think it led me to want to do even more cleaning, because I got home last night and went though another closet, cleaning and getting rid of stuff.

I was down 2.8 lbs. this weekend at weight watchers. And so, to celebrate officially being at college graduation weight, I went to the mall to get a proper fitting pair of trousers and got a haircut too. Since, I needed some new makeup, I went and got a makeover as well. So, on Saturday I emerged wearing new clothes, new haircut, and new makeup. Felt pretty good, and it was fun!

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