Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sing Choirs of Angels

Well, aparently people liked our Christmas program so much, we are singing it two more times. Well, at least part of it. We are singing something on our Friday evening candlelight service as well as a Christmas Eve service that is a combination of four different downtown Tacoma churches. This includes a combined Newsong/Church of the Living God choir. Church of the Living God is an African American church on Tacoma's hilltop and I hear that their choir is amazing. I am excited to see what that will look like....our almost all white choir with an African American choir together. I think it will be a visual representation of reconciliation between the races. The pastor of C.O.T.L.G. came to our program on Sunday night and he is the one who requested that we sing at the Christmas Eve service. And so, the beat goes on.....

I have not posted about Weight Watchers in a couple of weeks because I have been on a major plateau. Prior to last Saturday, I had only lost 3/4 of a pound in three weeks. Yes, plateau-city, people! However, last Saturday, I finally broke through and lost 2.8 pounds in one week! I am now inching tantilizingly close to the 25 lb. total loss. What finally broke me through was that I started exercising. I have been both running, as well as going to the YMCA to work out. It was funny, but when I started my running program, I was fully expecting it to be as difficult as I remembered from the past. However, I was immediately able to run two miles! And, had I been doing any kind of working out before, I probably could have gone further. I was actually pretty stunned at being able to start out at two miles. Then I realized...the last time I tried to go running regularly I was 20 pounds heavier. Imagine trying to run carrying two 10-lb flour sacks with you, and then taking them off. That is what it was like for me. And so I have discovered that running can actually be fun when it is not laborious and painful. When I have tried running before, it has been hard due to my weight. No wonder I have never kept a running program going! I am actually wanting to train for some sort of semi-short race to motivate me to keep up with the program. I never struggled with weight in high school because I was always involved with some sort of sport to keep me in shape. My workouts always had a purpose. I need to give my workouts a purpose to keep me motivated. My roommate Julie has been going with me on occaision, and Sara has gone with me once too. I am a slug in speed, which is fine. I feel like a Chihuahua trying to run like a German Shephard. I am not going to go fast, but at least I complete the distance.

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  1. continuing to be so proud of you. great job facing fears, staying disciplined - hooray!

    I love you! Tiff