Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The "other" Washington

My friend Michelle from the "other" Washington (DC) was in town this weekend and I had a wonderful time with her and my other good friend Chantel on Saturday. We met at Chantel's and went out to Indian food. Can I just say how much I LOVE Indian food? This is a recent discovery for me (i.e. within the last six months). Where have you been all of my life Mutter Paneer? Naan? Korma? :-)

We then went and saw P&P. Yes, this makes my third viewing of this movie. I think I am single-handedly paying Keira Knightly's salary for this movie. Michelle is the one who first introduced me to P&P several years ago. She, being more of a Jane Austen purist, wasn't in love with this new version as I was. Chantel, like me, liked the new one better. We took a picture of ourselves in front of the billboard. Mostly because when we called to see what time the movie was playing, I looked down at my watch and read it wrong and thought the movie was starting in ten minutes. Once we got to the theater as they took our tickets they said they were not seating for it yet. I looked down at my watch again and realized we were there an HOUR early. So, we just killed some time at the theater while we waited.

I also got my Christmas Tree on Saturday, and spent the afternoon decorating it. There is just something special about the fresh smell of fir trees in the house that makes it feel more like Christmas. I have debated about getting a fake tree in the past, but every year I pay an arm and a leg for a fresh-cut one. There is just something about it.

Sunday I had a meeting in the afternoon for small group leaders, and was just convicted about how little of myself I have been giving to my small group. Especially in the area of time. Sunday's sermon contained a lot of the same conviction. If you get a chance, click on the Newsong link to the right and download Sunday's message. It was a round-robin sort of night, where six people got five minutes to speak on the breakthrough they have been having and six more people got two minutes to talk about what it means to have the Lord's heart. I cried off and on throughout the sermon. Very powerful stuff.

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