Monday, October 10, 2005

what a week!

Yikes, what a busy, busy week I have had. It started last weekend and just carried over into this one.

Most of the busy-ness stemmed from the fact that one of my roommates, Beth, moved out. We had a going away party for her and then my mom and I painted the room (see previous post about hideous shade of red). Then, I took last Monday off to do some desperately needed yard work. That night had a 30th b-day bash for my friend Alison (welcome to the 30s, Al-bal). Worked Tues., but had dinner with friend Kelly, then went to Stadium soccer game. Wed. night went up to Bothell for a David Crowder Band/Shane and Shane concert. WELL worth the hour-plus drive up there, but VERY tired on Thurs. Thurs night church. Saturday, finished painting the room, and worked out in the yard some more (come on Activity Points!). Sunday, touch up painting and church again.

See, that's just one big long list of stuff I did, nothing meaningful there, even though I have had some pretty meaninful conversations that I would like to add in. I would like to be better about updating more often.

On a good note, at the end of the week last week, I got my annual review and found out I am getting a raise. The only bad thing is that I got a note on the review about my use of sick leave this year so far. In my defense, I have missed SIX days due to weird illnesses....strep throat (TWICE), and a staph infection. That is over half of my sick leave right there. So, I put a note in as well about the unusual circumstances of my sick leave, mentioned that I had brought Dr.'s notes, and that I looked forward to building my sick leave balance back up. My boss seemed pretty pleased that I had "stood up" for myself. I understand that he has to make note of stuff that happens, and so I get why he put that in there. But, I didn't want it to seem like I just was taking sick leave for no reason. I have been genuinely sick this year.

Anyway, 1.5 pounds down this week. My TOM is about to start, so I fully expect to be even more down next week. In fact, we are nearing college graduation weight PEOPLE!!! Never thought I would see that number again, much less any lower. It's all good. I am also starting to get used to eating less. I say that because I don't feel ravenously hungry like I was the first five weeks on the program. I am still hungry, but for example yesterday I when I was having a snack and calculating points, I still had five of them left!! I just didn't need to use them like I had before. Anyway, all good stuff. Because my TOM was/is coming, I was craving chocolate all last week. And, I realized how before, I would have used that as an excuse. But then, I told myself, if it isn't TOM, it's halloween, or a birthday, or thanksgiving, or christmas, or a dinner out....etc. etc. etc. I realized that there is NEVER going to be a week where I won't have some reason to eat poorly. And so, I just have to moderate a plan for those things!

Love you all!

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