Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Been thinking about

London a lot lately. I just had to write some more about this because I just feel so strongly about that city. I had a long conversation with my friend Michelle yesterday and I was telling her of my vacation plans to visit in February and she just pops out with "or, you could just move there for six months." Now, this is from someone who has NO IDEA what has happened the last few weeks with what Brian said to me at church (see previous post). And, I am just thinking to myself more and more...."how can I get myself back there long-term?" The more I talk and think about it, the more the fear of moving there abates. I would have a lot of practical things to work out, how to sell my car that I have owned for barely a year. What to do with my things that I'd have to store. Would I sell my house or rent it? If I sold it, it would answer what to do about my car....just pay it off. A lot of questions about something that is not even happeneng. But, when I think of answering those questions, I just get excited rather than filled with terror as I did before. Thank you Jesus!

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