Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Down, down, down

That is the direction the scale is heading! I have realized the last few weeks have basically turned my blog into an online promotion for Weight Watchers, and that is all I have been talking about. But, let me just say, two more off this week! I am now down to a weight where I am now supposed to start eating lower points worth of food than I did before. While that is exciting, it is also a lot harder than it seems. I mean, it's only two points worth of food (between 100-140 calories), but what that means is a smaller snack or eliminating a snack during the day. And, that is the hard part. I was looking online at Basal Metabolic Rate (the amount of calories your body uses just keeping you alive, not counting ANY activity) and the difference between what I weighed before and what I want to weigh is only a couple hundred calories!! Wow, no wonder I never lost weight before. Do you know how easy it is to add just a couple hundred extra calories a day? I mean, we're talking just a scoop of ice cream might do it!

Anyway, enough with the weight stuff. I had another busy weekend. I have a new roommate moving in next week, and with a ten days between the old one moving out and the new one moving in, I took advantage of the situation to paint the room. It had been a hideous shade of red. I mean, the color wasn't hideous, but was such a specific color. How many people do you know who would have bedding that wouldn't clash with a red bedroom?? Now, it is a nice neutral shade I would call a khaki color. Thank you to mom for helping with that one.

It rained all day on Sunday, but I got a little yard work in. My poor yard has been sorely neglected all summer. I do this every year. I get the gardening bug about mid February and work so hard, and by June I am burned out. Which is probably a good thing because from the end of June on, it is really a bad time to plant or move anything around. So, for the months of July-Sept. I basically do nothing more than set the sprinkler out. But, Fall is a great time to transplant and put in new plants. So, I took yesterday off and worked like a mad man out in the yard for three hours. It was a PERFECT day to be outside. Mid-sixties, big puffy white clouds but otherwise clear. I think it might have rained for about fifteen minutes in the evening. I think the yard will look pretty good next spring....just in time for me to get the gardening bug again.

Life has been good. I am having more breakthrough in areas where I see that I have wanted to give up after a "failure." Remember how I said I was interested in a guy? Well, I was thinking and realizing how the last time I was interested in someone not interested in me just how much of a tailspin it sent me into...."oh, there's something wrong with me...oh, what did I do wrong?...oh, I am NEVER getting married....oh, the Lord hates me....oh, I am being punished for something I did...oh, I hate the Lord...oh,...." You see where I am going with this. And, I was realizing on Sunday, as I was debating whether I wanted to go to church or not (again, that give-up mentality), I realized what I was doing! Literally, right in the middle of the mental conversation I thought "what am I doing? Church has never been about seeing Mr. so-and-so. It is about getting fed spiritually and re-charged." And so I went. And I am so glad that I did. Brian's message was about my exact struggle! Seriously. It was like he took a page from "Erin's Nemesis Issue, Volume 1-1,000" and preached on it. If you have a chance, go to the NewSong website (I have a link on the right) and download the message from the past Sunday. Amazing!

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