Thursday, September 01, 2005

School has Started

Well, School has officially started around here today. I live about a mile from Foss High School in Tacoma and leave for work around the same time school is starting. I was a bit confused at all the traffic at first, and then I starts today. Anyway, off to another year.

I also went to TOP foods last night and got a bunch of stuff to try to eat healthier. For example, no more McDonalds for breakfast. I never did this super often anyway, but now, I have to eliminate it. There are two of them on my way to work and on mornings I have been running late, I have been known to swing through the drivethrough to grab an Egg McMuffin. So, I have a plan. It is always best to have a plan. The place Weight Watchers meets at around here is actually just past the grocery store. So, if I go to my meeting on Saturday mornings, I'll stop by TOP foods on my way home. That way I always have time for grocery shopping. My typical excuse for not eating well is always that I don't have time to properly grocery shop. So, if I drag myself out of bed for the meeting, I can just shop when it's over. Anyway, that is the plan.

I LOVE TOP Foods. Anyone else agree? Their produce section ROCKS! Is that even a word anymore? It's filthy good. There, that is my attempt at being hip. They also have four other things I like a lot: Cascade Fresh Yogurt, Powdered Sugar Free Coffee Creamer, Nile Spice Soup, and individually packed meat, for us single peeps. Anyway, more expensive than Fred Meyers, but better. I think I am switching to them.
Have a great day!

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