Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I feel good, so good....

Feeling better today than last week. I seem to be getting over the cold
that has been lingering. Although, I have been really tired the last
few days. Not really sure why that is.

We are having a beautiful fall here this year so far. I know, I know,
fall doesn't offically start until tomorrow. But, just like with a lot
of seasons, things seem to start a few weeks before the "offical"
beginning. For example, in the "spring" I start noticing plants coming
into bloom as early as the end of February. Like the cherry trees and
crocuses. I am particularly enjoying this fall because I planted a
bunch of stuff around my house this spring purposefully for its fall
colors. My Burning Bush is starting to turn orange. My Red Twig
Dogwood is also showing hints of orange, as are my Lilacs. Even some of
the deciduous trees at my house and neighborhood are starting to show
hints and signs of fall. I have abandoned all thoughts of wearing
shorts, have "closed shop" on leaving windows open, and the heater is
starting to kick in most mornings. Fall is definately here!

Had another good weigh-in at WW this week. I am now down 6.5 pounds
after just two weeks. And, if the work scale is correct, I will
probably be down a few more by the time Saturday comes. I am starting
to notice more and more the change based on how clothes are fitting (or
not fitting).

Some "new" lessons learned about weight loss this last week:

1. Being hungry is OK. I will not die if my stomach growls.
2. Going too long between meals can lead to eating too much when it is
time to eat. Eating a healthy snack is a good way to bridge the time
between meals.
3. If I cook enough, a dinner can become tomorrow's lunch, and maybe a
lunch or two after that.
4. The extra points per week are there for a reason. Use them if
needed. Don't feel guilty for using the points I am given.

That's it for today! 33.6 pounds to go!

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