Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2006 Here I Come!

Welcome to Erin's blog, 2006! Some pretty big changes in my life since I last updated. Here goes:

I am headed back to England!! In March, I am going back for a trip to YWAM in Harpenden UK to work with their ministry team with a large group from church. I am not sure as of yet what this will involve, but there are going to be five different teams going over, including Brian and Christy, our pastors. Conveniently, the weekend before our visit, a couple of friends I met while there this summer are getting married. So, the plan is to head over before the wedding, stay for the wedding in London, and then go to Harpenden the week after the wedding. It seems all set except for the purchase of the plane ticket and details on where I'll be staying while in London. Harpenden accomodations are all taken care of. I have a few offers for staying while in London, but nothing firm yet. I am super excited to go back, even for just a few days to see all of my beloved ChristChurch family and some more of the country and to work with the YWAM group in Harpenden. Should be fantastic.

The other big news is that I have decided to go back to school. Specifically, I am going to be attending Faith Seminary here in Tacoma to get my Masters in Christian Ministry with an emphasis in counseling. They offer evening classes, online classes, and classes by DVD. They also have a great program where you take one class a quarter, but instead of attending one night a week, you go in the evenings for one full week straight. So, for one intense week you are busy with the class and don't have to go certain nights every week of the quarter. I am excited about this opportunity, and can't wait for spring quarter to begin, which is when I would start.

I will try to update more later.

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  1. I'm excited for these things happening, Erin!! And I'm doubly excited that you'll be working on your master's while I am also. That's really encouraging. I'm hoping that I can get into Baylor (TX) and get a GA position there, so that I don't have to go too far into debt to do this endeavor. I'll update you more later, in the meantime, I'll be praying for you - exciting times!

    Love, Tiff