Monday, January 23, 2006

Long time, no post

Yowza, I was just realizing how long it has been since I last posted. Almost two weeks ago. So sorry for the long delay. Things have been hectic, and I have been recovering from the longest lingering cold/flu/virus in the history of the universe.

Being sick seems to be a common theme with me. If I look back at this last year, it doesn't seem that more than a few months goes by without me coming down with something. I am not sure if this is so normal. I mean, it is normal for me, but not for anyone else. That bothers me. I feel like I wash my hands a ton, take vitamins, try to get decent sleep at night, limit my stress level and all of those other things you are supposed to do to stay healthy, but I can't seem to make it last more than a few months. Granted, I am working with kids and in different classrooms all week long, but none of the other four folks who do my job seem to get sick as often as I do. I am not sure what is going on. I have a physical scheduled with my Dr. at the end of the month to make sure all of my blood work etc. is normal and that I am healthy. Maybe I am just more susceptible to getting ill than others.

In some fun news: HOW BOUT THEM HAWKS!!! For you non-sports fans, or people not from the Northwest USA, I am referring to the Seattle Seahawks Football team (American football, not European football/soccer). We are going to the Superbowl! After thirty years of exsistance, and more than 20 years without a playoff victory, not only did the Seahawks win last night for the second playoff win this year....but it means that we are going to the SUPERBOWL! Can you tell I am excited? I have been a big Seahawk fan my whole life, even in the lean years when the games were blacked out on TV because they were not sold out (can I say how much I hate that rule?), I would still follow them. I am not a fair-weather fan, nor a bandwagon jumper. It was so hard last night because we had our monthly outreach service at the Rialto Theater, and the choir was singing, and we needed to be there at 3:00. The game started at 3:30. So, I missed the whole game. I ran into a gal at a break in our rehersal who had been watching and she gave me the update. And, I overheard someone later in the evening giving the score. But, I missed the whole game. At least watching it live. Someone taped the game and a ton of us went back to the church building and watched the second half on the big screen. So, I got to see the whole second half on tape. It was crazy and wild in there just as if none of us knew the outcome of the game already (since it had actually already ended). I am still in a state of disbelief and shock that we are actually playing for the national championship. Crazy!

The home remodel is still full steam ahead. I had a gal come and look at my upstairs this weekend and showed her what I want to do, and she is going to take a couple of weeks and draw up some plans and give me an estimate on the cost to do the work. She is a designer AND contractor. She does the whole thing! She showed me some of the work she has done, and comes recommended by folks here at work. And so, we'll see. Once I know what kind of cost I am looking at, I will proceed with a remodel loan from there. I am hopeful for the amount I'll be able to get. As I have said in previous posts, the house across from me is for sale for a lot more than I owe on my house. They had an open house this weekend and I took a peek. It is larger than mine, but no where nearly as good of shape as mine is in. It is in need of updating pretty significantly. And so, I wonder if the fact that mine is all taken care of and upgraded if that would counter the fact that mine is smaller and make mine worth almost as much as theirs. The real estate agent who was showing the house gave me a peek at the list of houses in my neighborhood for sale and how much they being sold for, and there was not a single one that was for sale for anywhere even close to what I owe. She also told me that my neighborhood was one that was considered "up and coming." Which means that the houses are just starting to significantly increase in value and catch up with the rest of the area. She also told me that the money put into adding a bathroom (which is the major thing I want to do) will get me 120% of my money back at sale. So, if it costs $10,000 to add a bathroom, when I sell the house, I will be able to ask for $12,000 more than I owe. Pretty spiffy. I am not looking to sell, but it is still nice to know, just in case something happens and I DO have to sell right away.

Choir has been going well. We sang four songs last night, and last week was the week we joined with the choir from Church of the Living God, the black choir. Rev. White from their church gave the message that night and I am not kidding when I say that our stage was filled up at the end with people wanting to get saved, recommit, get freed or healed. It was like a mad dash as people just kept streaming up there. It was seriously the start of something new and amazing. Brian talked last night about it being the start of reconciliation in our city between the races. Where we can join and work with other churches in unity to see Jesus name preached and the city saved. The possibilities of what could happen are just endless. Again, if you go to and go to the sermons and listen to Rev. White from two weeks ago (Jan. 15) you will be blessed. He was powerful, and amazing and annointed. Be warned, it is a long sermon, at just over one hour and ten minutes. But, well worth the time to listen to it.

I am also thoroughly enjoying my piano lessons. I have had two so far, and I am already learning to play with both hands. Granted, it is songs like "Good King Wenseslas" and "Jingle Bells" but there is progress. And, gasp!, I actually enjoy practicing! Crazy! I am going to be buying a keyboard next week, because I have been practicing on a roll-up piano. Yes, you read that right, a roll-up piano. Not so great, but it works for now. I can see where I will probably be growing out of it pretty quickly, though.

I start seminary tonight. So, look for posts about that starting soon. We are taking "Apologetics" this week, as the first course. It is going to be a busy week as I have class Monday through Friday from 6-10, and then again on Saturday from 9-5.

Weight Watcher is still going well. I am now down a total of 27 pounds. It is funny because I seem to have hit another level where it must be really noticable. I have had TONS of comments by people lately. My favorite was by a random gentleman as I was walking out of a shop last week: Him, "How're you doin' today, young lady?" Me, "Just fine, thank you." Him, "Well, you sure are LOOKIN' fine!" I just had to smile and say thank you. Someone called me the incredible shrinking woman at church last night. It has been fun to have clothes not fitting again, and to be able to buy in a size 10, which I have not been in since my junior year of college. I got to go wedding dress shopping with Sara on Saturday and to look for bridesmaid dresses and to actually be able to wear some that are "slim fit" and feel like they actually looked good on me.

Well, I think that is all for right now. Have a blessed week.

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  1. I love you and miss you!

    Love, Tiffani Alexandra