Monday, January 09, 2006


Well, it is official, my roommate Sara is engaged! It happened on Friday night, and we are all excited. I am in the wedding as the Maid of Honor, which is SUCH an honor for me. I have been in several weddings, but this will be my first Maid of Honor tour of duty. It is looking like the wedding will be the first weekend in June, which should be fun.

With Sara moving out this summer on a more official note, I am going to look even harder into the remodel possibility. In fact, I am going to call an architect this week to come out and take a look and draw me up some plans. Then, the plan after that is to get contractor bids, and then secure a loan. I am pretty excited about the whole possibility, and while it would be a messy process, I think the end result will be worth it.

I have my first piano lesson tomorrow. I am not quite as nervous about this as I was with the singing lessons, but I know that this will probably require a lot more work. Learning to play the piano is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I remember as a girl we had an upright piano at our house for a long time, and I would plunk around on it quite a bit. I would take my violin music and try to hear what it sounded like on the piano. Jason, my piano teacher, thinks I should buy an upright piano, but I am not sure I have the room for it. So, I am going to look into buying a used keyboard instead. I am not sure that it quite sounds or works the same, but it's all I have room for. I have been trying to work out in my head how I could re-arrange the furniture in my living room to accomodate a piano, but unless I got rid of my bookshelf and all the books on it, I don't know how it could be done.

My first class for my Masters is coming up soon. I am taking my first class the week of Jan 23rd through the 28th. It is going to be intense, as I have class Monday through Friday from 6-9:45 and then Saturday from 9-5. They are recommending a laptop, which I don't have, and so I might have to go out and purchase one. I have never had a laptop, and so I am a bit in the dark about where to start, or what to get, but I should probably have one if I am going to be in school again.

I will upload some pictures later today from Christmas, and the Bryan/Sara engagement. But, that's it for today.

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