Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Some Other Upcoming Events

2006 is looking more and more like a jam-packed year. In addition to my next UK trip, my Masters Degree, continuing with Weight Watchers, continuing to lead a small group, continuing in the choir and voice lessons, there are a few other changes on the horizon.

I am seriously looking into a remodel of my house. The upstairs is currently a converted attic, and as such, the roof up there is pretty low. There is also no bathroom up there. To do this remodel, I would raise the roof (no sports jokes please), add a bathroom, and make the one room into two. This would make my house a four bedroom, two bath house. I could have more gals come and live with me, which would be great, and it would increase the value of my house significantly. I have a lot of equity in the house. The house directly across the street for me is for sale for almost double what mine appraised for two years ago! Theirs is a little larger than mine, and I am not sure what the inside looks like, but holy schnikees, that's a lot of money! So, I am not sure how to go about doing I secure a remodel loan and then get a designer/architect to draw up plans? Do I have the designer architect draw up plans not knowing how much I have available to spend? I am pretty sure I can get a contractor to do the work, no problem....but the rest, I am working on. This is something I have been praying about since this fall, and the timing of doing it this summer seems right. One of my roommates is getting engaged, and when she moves out this summer, I will move my stuff from upstairs into her room temporarily while the work is done. Then, when the work is done, I'll re-inhabit the upstairs.

So, some of that is my other news. It is looking more and more like I'll probably be in two weddings this summer. My roommate Sara will be getting engaged soon, and my other good friend Chantel probably sometime this winter too. Wow, seems to be the season for my friends. And, last but not least, I am starting to take piano lessons in addition to my voice lessons. I guess I should probably find some time to eat, sleep, and go to work in there too!

Here's hoping you have a blessed 2006!

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