Sunday, July 04, 2010


I sit at home alone on this holiday.  Don't get me wrong, I *could* be at a party right now, but the last few weeks I have been suffering through a bout of insomnia.  I get these stretches every once in a while and I am in the middle (or maybe end) of another one.  As hard as these bouts are, they could be worse....I used to go months and months (and one time even two years) without being able to sleep without some sort of medicinal help.  However, when I do have these stretches, I am a walking zombie....which I have been the last few weeks.

For this reason, I am at home tonight...too exhausted to go anywhere, not enough energy to even really talk to anyone on the phone, no amount of coffee would be enough to wake me up.

I also haven't written much these last few weeks.  There's no direct correlation that I can tell of my insomnia and my lack of inspiration, but I think I just mostly don't have anything new to write about.  Re-hashing and re-writing the same angst seems, well, redundant.

So, here are a few new updates:
1.  I have a gal living with me for the summer.  She's a college student and I am *loving* having someone young, full of energy and someone to connect with on a mentor/mentee level living here.  Should I stay in Tacoma, I'd love to have more college students here.  It would mean a shift in the house, as up until now I've pretty much only had peers live here. 

2.  I have met with a few folks I know who have gone to law school and as of right now, this is still the plan.  I'll take a prep course in the fall, the LSAT in December and submit applications due in January.  Right now I'd like to apply to Seattle U, University of Washington, Arizona State, University of Chicago, Liberty, Regent and Stanford.

3.  Having a third housemate has helped with finances a little, and as a result I have hired a personal trainer and have met with him for a couple of months now.  I am really enjoying working out with him and getting into shape.  I have never enjoyed exercise a ton, so I am really trying to get to the point where this is a habit and looking at it as a lifestyle change.

4.  I am seriously considering trying online dating again.  As much as I *hate* (if there was a stronger word for it, I'd probably use it) online dating, it seems that my options for dating the "traditional" way aren't happening.

5.  I have heard from Call2All again, and it looks like they'd like my help again this coming April for a conference in India.  So, we'll see if this happens, but at any rate, I'll be working on the conference like the one I did for Turkey.  While I know I am not called right now to do admin for this organization, I still will continue to do event planning while I can.

I think that's all for now.


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