Monday, January 25, 2010


Here are some random realizations that have come to me lately:

1.  When crying out for breakthrough, I tend to expect that breakthrough will always happen suddenly or at least very quickly.  Sometimes breakthrough is actually more like a climb up a gradual hill.  I'm not at the top of my breakthrough hill yet, but rather than my breakthrough coming at a quick pace, I am realizing more and more that I am making it up the hill at a slow pace and will reach the top over time rather than in one fell swoop.

2.  When people are in seasons of being refined by the Lord, everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter.  Most of the time, people don't actually ask the Lord whether the season is from Him and what He has to say about it.  Instead, they can wax eloquently about all sorts of things and most of the time, people are no help at all.  They say things like "you should...." when the reality might be completely opposite.  I am learning to filter the advice and help through the Lord first before acting on anything.

3.  When circumstances are all wrong in life, I often think that the answer to things getting better is simply that my circumstances need to change.  While an improvement in circumstances is always welcome, if I believe that this is the only answer, I am missing out on a greater work the the Lord wants to do in my heart separate from the circumstances.  Circumstances always arise to reveal the truth of what is happening in my heart.  If I work only towards improving my circumstances and overlook the greater work of my  heart, I am missing an opportunity for the Lord to do a deeper work inside me.



  1. I feel like also, when my friends are going through things simultaneous to me, that they always think whatever insight they received from the Word or the Lord will totally fix my situation as well. I am also learning a filter - both for my mind and for my mouth. :)

  2. Tiff, funny, but to me that isn't as big of a deal. I guess I figure "truth is truth" and always good to hear. That doesn't mean it's always applicable to my situation, but I'll take a good dose of truth over opinion any day!