Monday, January 04, 2010

Chicago Trip Highlights

It wouldn't be a visit with my nephew without coming back with some of the cuteness that is my nephew. Pictures to follow.

1.  He can now say my name with the "R."  But the pronunciation is most definitely on the first syllable.  "ER-in."
2.  He already knew to say "Daddy burp" or "Mommy burp" after someone does this.  We taught him the difference between a burp, a cough, a sneeze and a hiccup.  So, he started to say "Erin hiccup" or "Gramma cough."  We even taught him to say "Bless you" when someone sneezed.  He onced blessed me from upstairs when I sneezed downstairs.
3.  He loves, loves, loves, loves, loves pizza.  I seriously have never seen a child get so excited about a meal as he got when he heard we were having pizza one night for dinner.  He was climbing up into his chair before we could even help him or put his bib on when we had this.  He ate one whole piece of pizza all by himself.
4.  He loved opening Christmas presents and "helped" all of us open ours.  He had a little trouble figuring out gift bags and would pull everything out of them, even the present itself looking for the present inside.
5.  We watched the Seahawks game while we were out there as they were playing Green Bay.  Kyle taught him to say "GO Seahawks" and he would run back and forth across the room shouting this phrase.
6. Now when he wants to be held instead of saying "Uppy Erin" or "Uppy Papa" he now says "Erin hold you?" or "Papa hold you?"  It is the cutest thing ever.
7.  I brought a list with me from a friend who is a child development expert on how to teach your child responsibility.  One of the things on the list for 18-month to three year olds is to have them help with basic things around the house. So, I taught Brady how to take things and put them into the garbage can.  We had to work hard all week at having enough things for him to take over to the garbage.  A few things that weren't really garbage ended up in there this week.  One day the door to the kitchen was closed so I told him that there was a garbage can in the bathroom and to put it in there.  He completely understood what I was saying and brought the garbage in there.
8.  My mother is famous for her rye bread recipe.  She made a loaf and brought it with us last week.  Brady had a piece for a snack one afternoon and one-by-one everyone asked him if they could have a bite.  He said "No" to everyone. Then, I asked and he said "OK."  I was the only one to get a bite.
9.  As a gift, Brady got a little kids tent and tunnel.  We set it up and he wanted me to come and play in it with him.  He would say "Come here, Erin" when he wanted me to play with him.  Luckily I am short enough to actually fit inside the tent and even (lying down) in the tunnel with him.  We played in this tent and tunnel a lot during the week.  One thing is for sure, getting down on the floor and playing in a tent, tunnel, with his cars, under the dinner table, or wherever is the quickest way to a 19-month-old's heart.  I dare-say he asked for me more than almost anyone else this week and I attribute it to my willingness to just get down on the floor and play.
10.  My brother and mother both do something we affectionately call "piddling."  Basically, this is re-arranging everything from furniture to knick-knacks, to the spice cupboard, etc.  Brady has inherited this gene.  One of his favorite things to do this week was to rearrange cupboards.  One day he stood on the counter while I got ready and rearranged all of the makeup and things inside this cupboard.  He also did this in the kitchen a few times with my mom.
11.  Brady already knows how to count to 10 (and is even starting to understand the concept that the numbers correspond to something ("one shoe, two shoe, two shoes"). He knows his ABCs.  He knows many basic shapes like circle, star, etc.  I am not sure whether this is advanced for a 19-month-old, but it sure felt pretty genius to us!
12.  Brady also got some new shoes.  He LOVED his new shoes and was so excited to wear them.  He then started identifying our shoes which were left by the door and wanted to "help" us put them on.  I ended up wearing my shoes around the house many days because Brady wanted to help me wear them.

Finally, my sister-in-law is pregnant with nephew #2.  I got to feel him kick while there and that was so fun.  She's due on April 19th and the names they are bouncing around are all really fun!  I can't wait to head out there again, in May, to see the new little kid-o and celebrate Brady's 2nd B-Day.


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