Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It Has Arrived!

Yesterday, when I left for work, I overwhelmingly felt from the Lord that *this is the day you'll hear from your mortgage company.*  Sure enough, I logged onto my account and had this notice: "your paperwork was sent today, please sign and return your forms as soon as possible."  So, what should arrive via UPS today?  My mortgage modification documents.

I gleefully ripped them open and began wading through all of the terminology and numbers.  Basically, what it boils down to is this: I AM OVERWHELMINGLY FAVORED.  Seriously.  I was praying for a specific number.  This number meant that should I chose to walk away to missions, I could rent my house with no extra needing to be paid on it by me.  So, new mortgage payment is actually almost $150 lower than even this number.  What this means is that when I rent my house, I will actually be MAKING money off of the rent!  Can you get any better than that???

So, here's the bottom line.  I have some debt.  If I do this the way I think it will work out.  I can take the next six months, pay off my debt and even make a few upgrades to the house (stuff like adding a sprinkler system to make it easier to maintain when I am gone etc.) and be free and clear to go, if that's what I am going to do.

Now comes the hard part....what am I "going" towards?  I feel like this answer is a clear "yes" to going, but the bigger question is: what is my heart beating to go towards?  I feel like this whole process has been a big one for me in determining what exactly it is that I want to I want to "go" to Call2All?  Do I want to "Go" with YWAM and do a DTS?  Do I want to "Go" with some other missions organization?  Or, do I really "Go" out on a limb like the girl in my previous blog and do something really wild and crazy like move to Kenya and start my own orphanage?

Every time I pray about this, I feel like the answer will be so clear by September.  Not that I'll be gone by then, but that I'll know the answer by then.


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  1. Such awesome news!! Regardless what you do, Jesus highly favors you! :)