Sunday, August 09, 2009

Why Can't We be Friends?

I just got back this weekend from a wedding in which there were probably a dozen women either as bridesmaids or aisle attendants. It was interesting listening to the maid of honor talk about the bride and describe her ability to be a friend to many and the depth of her friendship. This woman had so many women in her wedding and I know she's also been in a ton too.

There are other women like this. In fact, several of the women in the wedding would be what I would describe as 'professional' bridesmaids.

It got me thinking about my own friendships and struggles with them. What is it about certain people that they have those kind of friendships? What is it about them that others are missing? Is there a level of freedom that they experience that I just haven't gotten to? What is it about certain other women, like me, who seem to struggle with friendships? Is it my past history of rejection? Is that rejection so deeply embedded in me that I cannot seem to break free from it? I know others have experienced rejection too....why are they healed of it, while I still seem to be affected by events from years and years ago? What areas of my own life do I need the Lord to restore me in so that I can have those deeper, intimate friendships?

I guess I am asking: What's wrong with me? Why am I so easily overlooked and forgotten about? ....Why can I not develop and maintain friendships the way others can?

Any thoughts?

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