Monday, March 12, 2007


I have decided the reason I love spring so much is because it is the promise of a new start. You know? Birds are back singing their little hearts out. FLowers are blooming and their brightness lights up the dim corners of a dreary garden. Even the scent of grass cut for the first time in months just smells nice. Everything just seems to be singing praises to the King....and I am singing right along with them.

I got to spend several hours outside today working in the yard. It was pouring down rain yesterday, so I spent yesterday packing in hopes that I could be outside today. I pruned a bunch of plants in dire need of having dead branches or branches heading in the wrong direction, did some weeding and general cleanup of branches so that I could mow. I mowed for the first time this year and it is amazing to me always how much cleaner the yard looks with a nice trim. I also sprayed off the back deck and had dreams of the BBQs we will have back there this summer. Not everything is blooming, but it is all so spring-like outside. It just lifed my spirits. I also got to plant a few plants I had purchased at the flower show in Feb. as well as the roses mom and dad bought me for a VERY early birthday present. They are going to look beautiful when they are in full bloom.

I leave for Korea tomorrow and I am getting more excited about the trip as it draws closer. I have been praying and praying for the Lord to give me a deeper heart for the Korean women I am going to meet and minister to. Unlike England, Korea has never been a place I have dreamed of going to. Don't get me wrong, now that I am going, I am super excited. But, it is not a place I have really ever thought of visiting before. Most likely the next time I post, I will have returned from Korea. I am taking my camera, so pictures will follow!

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