Monday, February 19, 2007


I knocked it out of the park, to quote a friend. My talk(s) on Saturday were great! I was nervous off and on throughout the week leading up and even Saturday morning had flashes of being nervous. But, as soon as I got the mic and started talking it was just so natural to be up there sharing. This is how you know it is a gift from God and not yourself. Those times when you just do something and don't really know how, and can't really explain it, but you just don't have to work at it and it just flows. Not that I didn't think and plan my talk ahead, but after all that prep to just have it was not me speaking up there! I even told some jokes and was able to speak without hardly using my notes.

Several people told me I brought them to tears. I got a standing ovation and had many people who were not even present tell me that they heard about my talk.

I am hoping that it was recorded so that I have it to listen to it and maybe even upload it.

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  1. amazing!!! i'm so proud of you, Erin!!