Thursday, November 02, 2006

Anyone brushed up on their Ark-building skills?

It has been raining like cats and dogs around here today. I looked out the window this afternoon and it looked like a river was flowing through the parking lot of our office building. Yikes!

Things here are going well. I am a bit under the weather with some strange thing that only seems to be making me cough. No other symptom other than cough. Well, let's also count the ever present fatigue as a symptom too, though that has been around for over a month now. I think if the cough lasts too much longer, I will head to the Dr. I am probably due for some blood work again, just to be sure I am still functioning as I should be. Plus, it might be nice for an "official" weigh-in to see where I am at with that. The last time I got on any kind of official scale I was at my goal weight, but I think I have lost a few more pounds since then. Not necessarily on purpose, but because I think I am still figuring out how to eat to maintain rather than eat to lose. There is a bit of fear there that I need breakthrough in. Fear of gaining the weight back.

Some of that is a healthy kind of fear.....I will have to "watch my weight" for the rest of my life. Genetically, I am pre-disposed to being heavy, statistics say that 95% of people who lose weight regain it, and in our American food-obsessed culture, it is everywhere! Anyway, I think at last semi-official weigh I had lost about 48 lbs. total. I am somewhere hovering where I was when I graduated from High School. I will post a pic or two of me tonight as well. Pastor Brian told me I was "drop dead gorgeous" (I blushed) and Bruce, one of the elders at our church told me I was "a catch" and "stunning." I think the words "model" even crossed their lips. It is an area I have to start agreeing with the Lord about (my beauty) because I am still carrying myself as though I were not. Not that it would be a prideful thing, but something the Lord has spoken to, and if He says it.....our only option is to agree with it! It is something hard to wrap my mind around sometimes.....I have spent most of my life believing one thing about myself and habits are hard to break. So circumstances change, but you live as though they haven't. You know? When you are 50 pounds overweight, you just live differently. Not that I wasn't beautiful before, but it is like a precious piece of jewelry that has polished....I am still just as beautiful, I am just polished off now...

Anyway, the preschool is still going well. It is funny how there are ebbs and flows to things. A month ago I would have told you that I enjoyed the four and five year old class more than the threes. Now, I have changed my mind. The 4/5s are all seeming to be going through a "testing authority" phase all at the same time. It is not blatant rebellion, rather much more passive rebellion.....not obeying right away the first time, or obeying and then five minutes later going back to the same thing. So, discipline is becoming a more regular part of some kids' day. The 3s on the other hand are just starting to hit their stride. They know the routine and are learning so quickly and changing so fast....they have grown up so much in the last two months. The wild and crazy behavior of the first month is gone. Oh, they still have moments, but they are getting it, and it is fun to see.

We have been learning letters (we are on "d" now), all about fall (we went to a pumpkin patch!), and we have been having a fun time.

My other job is going well too....very busy. I think I could easily put in 30 hours a week there, if not more. It makes the afternoons go by fast.

Discipleship/small group stuff is going well. I still have two gals, and I have been strategic about meeting and inviting others. Jena calls it "fishing" for disciples. It has been fun to change my mind about small group. I used to think that the church would just give me a group. And, up until recently, that has been what we have done. But they are changing. If you want a small group, you have to go out and meet gals at the church and invite them along. So, I have two, and a third "potential" in the works. This way is so much more fun. When you meet someone new that you click with, you just bring them along. This is exactly what happened to me when I was in college.....someone just invited me along! Bingo! It gives me something to be strategic about when I go to church.....who can I meet? Who needs a friend? Who is new? Rather than going to church just to go, there is a purpose. I have a vision and a strategy for getting that vision!

House is good too...still just three of us instead of four....waiting for the "right" person to fit with our group. Also starting to work on some small projects that have needed working on for a while. Like, finishing up some front yard work, and replacing the front door (which is cracked). Nothing major like I have been doing before. I think I am done with all the major stuff.

Ok, here are a few pics from London wedding (Jess and James), if I can get them to upload.

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