Monday, February 06, 2006

The Five Stages of Grief

According to noted psychologist Elsbeth Kubler-Ross there are five stages of grief. I think I am somewhere between the depression and bargaining stage of my grief over the loss of the Superbowl by my beloved Seahawks (or, as I was frequently referring to them yesterday, the SeaGULLS). Stage 1 is 'denial:' "We totally were a better team and should have won that game! Look at the stats, we were a better team." Stage 2 is 'anger:' "Stupid refs, reversing a touchdown on a penalty that really didn't happen and giving one to them when they didn't really get it. It's all those stupid, darn, ref's fault!" Stage 3 is 'bargaining:' "Please admit you made two major errors on those calls! At least admit you (the refs) were wrong!" Stage 4 is 'depression:' "I can't believe we lost. Seriously, I just feel crappy. Anyone want to cry on my shoulder with me?" Stage 5 is 'acceptance:' "Oh well, it's just a game. There's always upcoming years. When does Spring Training start anyway?"

You get the point. I am bummed, bummed, bummed about yesterday, but I'll get over it. I should be used to it now with disappointing years by the Mariners year after year.

Other than the loss yesterday, I think yesterday might have been my idea of heaven. It was so sunny and beautiful out yesterday, it felt like spring. So, I slept in, had some coffee and read the paper. Then, I went out and putzed around in my yard for an hour and a half. I did some transplanting of some plants that needed new homes in my yeard, did a bit of weeding, and got my pond pump up and running so that when spring really does hit, it doesn't smell to high heaven. I even have some plants that are either in full bloom (crocuses, witch hazel, and viburnum) or about ready to bloom (forsythia, rhododendron). Then, my friend Jessica and I went on a long walk in the beautiful sun. After that, I headed over to a gal's house from church and watched the game there. Other than the loss, it was a fun time. After the game, we had a shortened church service where we worshipped for about an hour and headed home. It was my perfect day!

I didn't mention it last week, but I have another friend who got engaged. My friend Chantel and her boyfriend Garrett got engaged a little over a week ago. I am also a bridesmaid in her wedding. It looks like the summer is going to be a busy one. At least if we have another formal Christmas party next year I won't have to buy a new dress...I'll just wear one from this summer.

I bought my plane ticket to London for my trip in mid-March last week. I arrive in London at noon on the 15th of March and get back on the afternoon of March 25th. I am hoping while I am there, in addition to going to a wedding for a couple I met while there last time, to see Stonehenge. We'll see!

That's it for today. Have a great week!

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