Monday, November 29, 2010

World Map of Your Matches


As most of you know, I have been venturing into the world of online dating.....I have actually gone out with some folks I have met online.  I might post more about that later. One of the sites I have been using sent me the following email.  I thought it was hilarious.  Especially since I happen to live in one of the states they mention as the worst for me based on my answers.  They also must think I am Muslim.  Enjoy!

We just finished programming this experimental toy. It generates heat maps of where your best male matches are, all around the world and the USA. Here are your results. All for you. Calculated from your match answers. In graphical form. Enjoy!
A Map of Love: your best male matches by state
target: USA | sampled: 23526
Your Worst States
Oregon — 47.0
California — 47.9
Massachusetts — 48.0
Washington — 49.0
Vermont — 49.0
Your Best States
North Dakota — 62.2
Arkansas — 58.7
Nebraska — 58.3
Mississippi — 57.7
Alabama — 56.6
A Map of Love: your best male matches by country
target: World | sampled: 18744
Your Worst Countries
Austria — 42.0
United Kingdom — 42.3
France — 43.6
Australia — 45.3
Switzerland — 45.9
Your Best Countries
Saudi Arabia — 72.3
Indonesia — 71.0
Egypt — 68.3
Singapore — 67.9
Pakistan — 66.8



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  1. Hilarious! Bummer that Washington & the UK are out...haha...good thing God is bigger than a heat map! Cant wait to hear your stories!