Monday, March 15, 2010

Deep Thoughts, by Erin in Tacoma

Scene: At a restaurant with a large group of people, both male and female.

Boy #1 makes an observation about women that is ridiculous (in girl #2's opinion).

Girl #1 giggles and agrees.

Girl #2 smiles politely, but gently disagrees with Boy #1.

Boy #1 says how he loves how girl #1 is being so honest.

Girl #1 giggles again.

Girl #2 wonders to Boy #1 if he's saying she's not being honest because she disagrees?

Boy #1 backtracks and says that he does think girl #2 is also being honest.

Who gets asked out by boy #1 in this scenario?  I can tell you, it won't be girl #2. 

I know that this is a gross over-generalization, but it sure seems like most men seem to be looking for a woman who is like a mirror; reflecting them back to themselves rather than like two pieces of a puzzle that fit together, or a piece of velcro, whose hooks and loops connect together to make each other stronger. 

Why is this?  Why does it seem that to be attractive, it requires some sort of simpering, flirting, batting of the eyelashes?  This was never really my forte anyway, but the older I get, the harder I time I have mustering up the energy to wear this mask.  I mean, I know that most people, when they are interested in someone else, try to put their "best foot forward."  I certainly don't want to be an argumentative, defensive know-it-all that I could be in the above scenario...  Just trying to figure out the balance here.

Scene: my house on a weeknight, reading emails.

I open an email from the Call2All people, and hey, they want me to come to Turkey to help with a conference in April.  If they pay half my plane ticket, can I come?

I have not written about C2A in a while because I am still chewing and wrestling over the whole thing.  I am set to probably hear from my mortgage company this week (be praying), so there's not a lot I can do till then.  But, the answers I seek, outside of the practical things, still elude me. 

So, this opportunity to go to Turkey seems ideal: go, see what I'd be doing, and that will help make my decision.

Right now, plane tickets to Turkey are running about $1100-1200.  I need to come up with half.  I have already raised about $260.  If anyone who reads feels led to give, please let me know and I'll let you know how you can help me out.

I will say this: more and more I am starting to think I will end up doing a Discipleship Training School with YWAM first if I end up saying Yes.  I am looking into one in September that could be a possibility.  Please be praying for clarity on this decision.


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