Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Korea Anyone?

It is funny, on my last post I mentioned that I just felt like something was about to happen...well, it has. I got an email today from Pastor Brian. The two YWAM bases in South Korea want a couple of folks to come out and teach and lead a prayer ministry time for them this March. I have been asked to go. Not just go, but lead and teach the time. PLUS, this will all be paid for. It will be a ten-day trip, three days in Seoul and three days in Pusan with travel time in there too. All paid for! PLUS, getting to do the teaching! Woo hoo! I mean, I think this trip will actually be more for my own growth and breakthrough than the Koreans'!

In addition, I with two other women from our church have put together a whole class on health and nutrition etc. stuff and have submitted it to Brian as something we might take the women through this Spring. I have not heard back yet, but Jena Hippe, Associate Pastor's wife, is ALL on board with it. I am not sure whether I will be teaching any of it or not, but it is all just so exciting.

Sometimes I just look at my life and say to myself "Really, Lord? I get all of this!" I am so blessed!


  1. HOORAY!!! Amazing turn of events. I love that we serve a living God and never know how things are going to go!!!!!!!! p.s. I miss you. i don't want this to sound passive aggressive, so I'll just say it. I'd love it if at some point you could visit here. :)

  2. Oh I can't wait to see pictures!