Monday, January 22, 2007

I almost forgot a BUNCH of stuff

This weekend was also full of new things regarding the school and Korea, and just stuff in general.

Let me start with Thursday night: Discipleship night at church I got there early so that I could speak with Jena about our class on health. I told her some of the details on what Peggy, Linda and I had received in prayer and she was gung-ho. What we are looking at doing is having a women's "conference" on a Friday and Saturday and follow-up with a four to six week class after the conference. She is still talking about me giving my testimony. I must say, I am filled both with complete and utter excitement and probably equal measure of terror. It is absolutely what I am made to do (teach and preach) but it still fills me with fear when I think of doing it. BUT, it is a good area to have some major breakthrough in....someday I will be doing this regularly, so it's time to get on the ball!

Thursday was also just convicting because we are starting to go through a series of videos put out by Reinhard Bonnke (do a google search on him, you'll be amazed) on evangelism and the love of the Father. Just so convicted that night on my continued lack of understanding regarding Jesus' love for us, and how evangelism is a calling for ALL believers. I had an encounter there with a gal named Julie who woks at the homeless shelter here in Tacoma and she was saying how inadequate she felt to do the job. Now, knowing this gal, she is the MOST equipped person I know for the job that she is doing. I just felt prompted by the Lord to encourage her and tell her so. I didn't think much of it at the time, as my words were simple and fairly brief, but I found out later from a mutual friend that they completely ministered to her. It is cool what the Lord does with things when your heart is to obey.

Saturday, Erika and I (preschool co-director) are helping in the preschool room at church to get it "ship-shape" after some changing that has happened in kid's ministry. So, I was not in the service. But, I did catch Pastor Brian after the service and asked him about the Korea trip. (which, by the way, is more than likely happening after deciding the only way both Erika and I can go is to switch Spring Break to a that last week in March so we can go.) It turns out that the trip is a women's prayer conference. Brian had met the lady in charge of it on a previous trip to the Kona YWAM base and she had emailed him to see if he and Christy could come. Brian told her they couldnt' and that the money would be too expensive for most people. To this she responded that they would PAY for four people to come. So, believing this to be from the Lord, Brian prayed and heard the names of the four of us who are going.

So, as we are talking Brian says to me: "Can I just hand this thing over to you and you can coordinate with the gal in Korea to get it all set up?" So, now not only am I going, not only will I be helping to teach and lead the trip when we GET there, I am in charge of GETTING us there! Basically Brian believes that the four of us are ready for the next step: doing the whole deal ourselves!! Holy Hooky-Lau (to quote Erika).

Then as if this isn't enough, Brian starts talking to me about the preschool and how necessary it feels to have a Kindergarten next year and can we work on there being one? To which I answer, Yes, we are already working on it! Kyle G. is helping us get everything set up.

Then, Brian says basically: are you sure you are called to the school and not to more international stuff? A bunch of us were just talking and thinking Kyle might be great for the school and you could come and work for us at the office and do international ministry. How would you feel about that?

Actually, at peace. That has always, always, always been my heart. From the time I was a little gal and took my first trip anywhere (which was Phoenix, by the way), I have always felt two things: missions, pastor. And, what he is telling me is that sooner rather than later, I might get to do BOTH! Now, all of this stuff about working for the church vs. the school is ALL just talk right now. So for those of you from New Song who read this, please know that NOTHING is officially happening with it. It is just crazy to think about!!

I could hardly sleep Saturday night thinking about traveling and what that could mean, but also fretting: "am I ready to give up this school?" The Lord has absolutely made me fall in love with these kids, and I am not sure I am ready to give them up. I also feel like could I really leave the school when it is in such a "baby" phase, when it's so new and barely getting started? So, I am still wrestling with these questions and wondering what purpose the Lord migh have in having me give so much to start something, only to leave it after such a short time. One of my original design posts is that I am a foundation layer, but is this foundation truly set?

Sunday Erika and I met to plan for our week, and then met with the generals of the preschool room to share some observations. After this meeting, there was another for all children's workers. Now, I am not on a ministry team, but I just felt I needed to stay. So many encouraging thngs are happening at our children's ministry, and I have been battling the feeling that it is insignificant....and just felt the Lord say: if you want victory in knowing the significance of children's ministry, you need to stay. Lots of stuff about the school: how we need one to be able to minister to these kids all week.

Couldn't sleep Sunday night either and I came into the preschool today to hear Erika had not either. So, when Christy came to pick Joshua up, we snagged her, lots of good stuff about how we can't look back after we have made a decision because if we have done it with the right heart, it will be blessed. Good stuff.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a blessed day!

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