Monday, August 02, 2010

No More Facebook

I have decided to delete my facebook page.  I am not sure yet whether this will be a temporary thing, or permanent.  I will have to see how it goes.

Facebook has increasingly become an area of pain for me.  It has become another forum for rejection for me.  In the last week, two people I used to be close with have unfriended me.  I don't bat an eye any  more when someone I wasn't that close to unfriends me, but when it starts to become people I have hung out with, spent time with and generally had a good time with I just don't understand.  Additionally, seeing pictures of things I have not been invited to, or hearing about all the great times everyone is having with everyone else is starting to take its toll.

Granted, I have not spent a lot of time with either of the people that unfriended me recently, but then I look at their current friend list and I could say the same thing about most of the people on there that we have in common.  So, I just am going to chose not to be a part of it for a while and see if that helps.

Additionally, there is a lot of "noise" and "clutter" in my life and hearing the voice of the Lord in the midst of all of this for what He wants for my life has become almost impossible.  Think about having a meal with a friend at the noisiest bar you can think of, or trying to hear a friend talk to you while the crowd is cheering its loudest at a Mariners or Seahawks is almost impossible.  So, I just need to de-clutter and shut off some of the noise in my life right now. Facebook has to go.



  1. I am encouraged and inspired by your choice. I think of all the things I COULD be doing when I'm not on facebook. Oh sure I can justify being on there, but then like you, I too have those moments when FB highlights the distance between me and my "Friends" rather than bridging the gap. Just don't get rid of your blog. :)

  2. amen!
    You should type in "facebook" in Youtube- people have created skits of what life would really be like if facebook was "real"... like somebody actually poking you, etc... quite funny.

  3. No, no getting rid of the blog for now...where would I air my "dirty laundry" and whine about my life?? :) But, facebook, that's a whole other story. I think it will be an interesting experience to see who is really in my life and who has the appearance of being in my life just because I know about them or they know about me. I think that's one of the issues I have with it right now, is that it's too easy to think you're close to people just because you can read what they've posted. Not the same thing as actually being IN people's life. We'll far so good!