Saturday, February 13, 2010

Possible Blog Name Change

As a lot of you know, I have been fund-raising for Sozo Kids inner-city ministry and so that I could take inner city kids from Tacoma on missions of mercy, like the trip that had been planned for May in Kenya to the AIDS orphanage there.

This has been a s-l-o-w process, mostly because of how much I love love love my current job.  My motivation level for fund-raising has been sorely lacking.  The plan had been to continue to work at the zoo until I had fund-raised enough to go full-time with the inner-city ministries I have already been doing, plus some other ideas for working at some schools on the Hilltop and East Side I had had but had not had the time to do with my current schedule.

Though I life has been hard the last few years here in Tacoma as a whole, my job has been the one bright spot going for me.  My heart has always been, however for the last the least and the lost, which has been my motivation for helping with the inner-city ministries I have been involved with like Kids Sozo.  I have never wanted to be a Christian who says we should help those in need and then not DONE something about it. 

I had an opportunity to go to Kona Hawaii for five days last week and had a meeting with some folks from Call2All while I was there.  This was *not* the purpose of the trip, however, their main headquarters are located there and I had dinner one evening with Holly, with whom I have kept in contact since my I went to Hong Kong for the Call2All conference last spring.  I have also been helping with some administrative work on my days off from the zoo for this organization with no expectation of anything coming from it.

Holly, however, would like for me to consider moving out to Kona to work full-time with Call2All.  This both freaks me out and excites me.

A LOT would have to happen for me to end up there: sell or rent my house, get serious about fund-raising, pay off my credit card debt, and a whole lot more. 

I have not decided for sure what I am going to do.  I cannot see me ending up in Kona any earlier than Fall, should it happen at all.  I am committed to some things here in Tacoma through the Summer and I don't feel comfortable leaving after having given my word.  There is a LOT of practical details that would have to fall into place for it to happen as well.

It's funny though, because I have been thinking that continuing to work part-time at the zoo and fund-raising for the inner-city work I have been doing could be enough.  Yet at the same time I have been so restless and hoping for some major changes in my life.  Now, this possible "major change" has sort of fallen into my lap.  I have to admit, it has me intrigued.....the thought of being somewhere different for more than just the few months I have been gone on past trips (like the three-month Europe trip) brings up a whole slew of emotions within me.

It will be an interesting journey in making this decision.  All I know, is that this blog might not be "Erin In Tacoma" coming this fall...


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