Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Fast is Over

So, my fast officially ended on Saturday and here's the update on how I did:

1. Sugar. Made it allllmost the whole 40 days. My mother's love language is food and when my brother and sister-in-law were here last week, there was tons of it. The food spread included three pies, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and orange rolls. I did eat some of this but not nearly as much as I would have before. So, victory in not being addicted any more!

2. Diet Coke. See above for the food temptations. :) However, I will say this, I only had a couple during the week last week and have not had any now in four days. Again, addiction broken.

3. TV...well, this one didn't last even close to 40 days. But, I will say this...I read a lot more during the 40 days than I had before.

So, all in all, if I were rating my 40 days I'd give me an 8/10 for the sugar and diet coke and a 5/10 for the TV. I am considering continuing the sugar fast, just because I felt so good during the 33 days I stayed away from it. I even managed to lose a few pounds.



  1. You know that sometimes I go strongly "no carb" diet (in a lean meat and lots of veggie way) - and I ALWAYS feel better - becaue the thing that I'm primarily cutting out is sugar. In fact, my whole eating habits have changed because of it - and I feel a ton better (though lately I've been baking to relieve stress so my sugar intake is unfortunately up). Glad you are having good experiences - I'm happy for your results on all your fasts! Love you!

  2. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Good for you Cousin,
    I am doing the Lord's Table through Setting Captives Free- it is an online bible study to break the addition to food period. It is an awesome study even without the food teachings.
    Let me know if you check it out, I would be curious what you think.
    Love you!