Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hong Kong Highlights Part 3: Prophecy

You know the spirit of God is moving when the prophetic pours out like a rainy Washington winter: unrelenting, and overtaking everything.

A few of my highlights from the Hong Kong trip occurred outside of conference hours. I actually attended only bits and pieces of the actual conference due to the role my church had in this conference to serve, which we definately got to do in abundance. My primary role was the first three days of registering and checking people into the conference as well as other administrative duties after that. I did get a chance to meet many people this way, though the Chinese delegates were only able to register using a number rather than a name so as not to get into trouble with the authorities. Didn't I say their faith was humbling?

There were a few key meetings with folks that occurred outside of conference hours that were truly epic.

One of these meetings was with the Frontier Missions Leader. I won't include his name, to protect his privacy....I'll just call him Mohinder (shout out to all the "Heroes" fans out there). :-)

Mohinder was invited to one of our group meetings during the conference. Earlier in the day, I had met him briefly at our Call2All Cairo meeting and after that he'd gone on to another meeting with some of the rest of our team. It was during this next meeting that Mohinder began prophesying over some of the team members. It was so accurate that he was invited to pray for all of us.

He started the evening by prophesying some stuff for our body as a whole, and then was invited to pray for anyone who might want it. About 25 of us stayed behind to get prayer. Mohinder, got through aobut half of us before ending things for the evening. I was not one of the ones he prayed for.

About an hour later, I was sitting in the conference's large-group session and I looked over to see him walking purposefully towards me.

"You are awesome," he said to me.

Thinking he was just complimenting me, I replied with a sincere, "Thank you!"

To which he responded, "I don't think you understand, I have a word for you."

He then began to speak to my heart and its capacity for love...he called it a Mother's heart...and had talked about how when he saw me, the Lord showed him my heart, and how big it was and how much I loved others and the Lord. He called me a "giant of the faith."

I just melted. I posted a few weeks ago about not wanted to become bitter and hard, and here this man was speaking to that very thing without knowing me at all. I wept as he spoke to the tender places in my heart. I felt like it was God's way of saying "What are you doing on the ground like a dog? Don't you see, I have set a place for you at my banqueting table! Come, eat!" It was restoring in a way I had not expected.

The next morning our team had the opportunity to meet Cindy Jacobs. She's the author of books like "Possessing the Gates of the Enemy" and "Reformation Manifesto." If you look up her prophetic words, her detail is astounding.

She had, much like Mohinder, words for our body, and then she called the women of the church up and prayed for each of us.

I can't remember what she said for each lady, but when she came to me she said "Intercessor" and then embraced me. She only embraced two or three of I am uncertain as to the symbolism/reason for this.

I have to admit, especially in light of her pinpoint accuracy, that her word for me has me a bit discombobulated.

I have never thought of myself as an intercessor. Typically when I think of this word, I think of old women in a room somewhere or alone praying. I have always been way too much of a "people person" for this to sound interesting to me.

I think, however, that I have to get the old version of what this means out of my head and let the Lord paint a new one....intercession that looks different for me than what it has looked like in the past.

Because of Mohinder's word for about my heart, I wonder if there is not a merging of these two words that needs to happen...if I have the Lord's heartbeat for a situation, it makes my prayers about that situation specific and with revelation. Then, I can accurately pray for things.

It is still always so amazing to me when the Lord speaks with the kind of clarity that he did this last week.

The Lord had to get me 1/3 of the way around the world to tell me what He wanted me to hear, but I was listening.


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  1. Hey Erin!
    I'm so enjoying these little bites from your trip to Hong Kong. I'm encouraged at how the Lord is specifically addressing your prayers. He is so good to us, and He loves YOU so much (and me, too, but this is about you. :))
    Sometimes I get a bit envious of the way you are able to be so fully involved in international and prayer ministry. I miss that aspect of my life, and even though I know I'm where the Lord wants me to be, I wish I had people praying words over me more often.
    I love you, and am praying for the Lord's wisdom to become more and more clear as you pray and trust in Him. Love you!!