Saturday, June 06, 2009

Hong Kong Highlights Part 1: Provision

com⋅mis⋅sion (kuh-mish-uhn) verb: to authorize or send on a mission

I am just back from the Call2All Congress in Hong Kong where I got to witness the commissioning of over 1,000 Chinese delegates to reach the unreached in their own country as well as the countries on the old Silk Road Trading Route.

I have a lot of highlights of the week and a few of them I'll go into detail later, such as an amazing meeting with author Cindy Jacobs, being prophecied over by a man from Egypt with such accuracy that it's astounding, having three Chinese women pray for us while we wept with repentance at the arrogance of the Western church, watching people from every nation pray over and dance on a map of the world about half a football field in length and getting to see Hong Kong with all of its experience and people.

However, what I really want to share is the miraculous story of provision from my week.

The last year my job situation, like many in the US, has been difficult to say the least. When I got back from Europe about a year ago I did not have a job and had a hard time finding one until about September. The job I got in September, at the zoo, was cut in December due to budget cuts. I took a job with a non-profit oranization in January, but that job was cut to half time in March due to the economy, and then in April I found out that I would be losing it at the end of the month. Meanwhile, I had been doing limited part time work at the zoo again and at the end of April (JUST in time) found out that there was a full time job opening back there again. However my two moths of part time work took its toll and I have been perpetually one month behind on my mortgage for several months now.

When we got the invitation from Mark Anderson to go to Call2All, I had just started back at the zoo, but I really didn't have the money to go. I just *knew* I was supposed to go, though, so when I got home from meeting with him, I immediately bought my ticket, using my charge card, but not really knowing how I'd pay it off.

So, last week when I headed to Hong Kong, I still didn't know what was going to happen and did not have a lot of money to pay for food while gone.

I brought about $100 for food with me, but ran out of that by Wednesday night and didn't know how I'd get food on Thursay or Friday.

Here's where the miracle comes in. On Thursday afternoon, as I was getting off of the elevator, I mentioned that I had not eaten yet that day to a friend due to my money situation as she offered me an apple. Two women overheard this and insisted on giving me money. Between the two of them they gave me about $130! Then, later that afternoon a girl I had met a year ago in Herrnut Germany's YWAM base gave me another $100!

Obviously this was plenty of money for food! And I have some left over!

There is more.

When I got home, I had a huge envelope from my mortgage company. I cringed as I opened it because I was certain it was a letter and information from them about being late with my mortgage this month yet again. Insead, what was inside was my escrow reconciliation for the year.

Each year my mortgage company reviews how much they take out for taxes and insurance. If they've taken too much out for the year, they give a refund check for the total amount for the year that I've over-paid. If they have not taken out enough, they raise my mortgage payment for the upcoming year.

Last year, it turns out, I over paid by almost $1,600!! I arrived home to a refund check for this amount which is more than enough to catch me up for my mortgage! And, to top it off, my mortgage payments are going down by about $160 a month!

So, I come back from Hong Kong with more money than I left with AND my mortgage paid up to date!

I still do have my credit card to pay off the amount of my ticket, but I seriously cried when I got this check from my mortgage company.

What an amazing Lord we have!


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  1. Amen and Amen, Erin. I am constantly reminded that when we are faithful to the Lord he is faithful to us. Stay tuned for a story a little like yours on my blog.

    Praying for you and asking God to keep blessing!!