Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Waiting Game

John Dawson, president of YWAM spoke at our church a few weekends ago and he talked about promises that the Lord gives and how sometimes after the promise is given, there is a waiting period before the word comes to pass. John said that often when the wait is long, it is because the fruit from that promise is going to be great. Some examples would be the promise given to Abraham about a son being born, and how long he and Sarah waited for Isaac to be born. Another example would be the dreams that Joseph had and how long it took for those dreams to come to pass.

John also said that in the time between the promise given and promise fulfilled the Lord often takes us through the refiner's fire and allows stuff to be refined out of you.

It is interesting to me how at times the heat of that fire seems to be turned up and other times it seems that you have been all but fogotten. I think of Joseph and how he could have responded to the things that happened to him during those years in between, or how Abraham DID respond....right now I am in the midst of waiting for several promises of the Lord to come to pass....and in the middle of a season where the waiting feels really hard. And, I know the response I am giving is directly related to my trust in the Lord. If I trust, like Joseph in prison I wait. If I don't trust, I try to take things into my own hands and do it my way, like Abraham.

I am struggling with the wait, not to be hopeless about the promise or disappointed in the process. What this really boils down to is this, what is my relationship with the Lord like? Am I solid enough to patiently wait, or is it really a shaky thing that crumbles at the sight of struggle.


  1. Hi EO!

    Your roots are digging deep and about to reach an underground river. The fortitude and strength it has taken to remain faithful in the time of waiting is forcing the roots deeper into the ground. The river you are about to reach and drink from represents breakthrough and refreshment on EVERY level. I am reminding just how much the Lord sees time in light of seasons, and there is a time and a season for everything under heaven. Your inner man is filled with the faith and truth of Christ while your outman in breaking and bending to allow His glory to shine forth in a greater capacity. I am confident that you have gone through a unique process of preparation. Nothing can replace not only the precious pearls you have gathered, but the priceless value of brokenness and dependence on God. Girl, God can do anything but fail! He's setting up a stage for Himself so that He can fulfill all of your promises.

    I love you and pray the year 2008 would hold more joy than all the preceding years put together!:)


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  3. thanks for this post, erin. it was just what I needed! I hope you are well. I miss you. Graduation is in 166 days - can you believe it?! I am torn between PhD programs and working full-time. Torn between knowing what is going to put me in the right place for the things I hope for, and then remembering that the "real" right place is just to do what God directs and trust him.
    I am prayin for you, sis!
    Love, Tiff