Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh yeah!

I almost forgot.....roommate Julie got engaged a few weeks ago and so I will be in yet another wedding. I have a few pictures from dress trying-on that I will load and a bunch from this summer and fall that I need to add too. It looks like Julie and Tim will be getting married in March and the bridesmaid dresses are still being decided upon.

For those of you wondering, the wedding I was supposed to be in about a year ago never happened. The bride and groom not only called the wedding off, they are no longer even dating. It is actually, in my opinion, a good thing. I had felt like they were rushing into things, even told the bride, but felt at peace about letting the Lord do His work, and whaddaya know....He did. Still not 100% sure what the whole story is about how it happened, but there ya have it.

Kyle and Becky (brother and sister-in-law are preggers). She is due in May and they are very excited, as are my parents. They are not yet sure what they are having, but I am going to be an aunt!

And, finally, I have a gal staying with me this week named Rosy. She is from Switzerland and it has been grand to have her with us. She leads a snowboarders Discipleship Training School in Switzerland and I am thinking.....this winter??? A trip to Switzerland to go skiing in the Alps followed by a trip up to Germany to visit my friend Michelle who lives there now? What a fun adventure that would be! I would have to save my money (see post below) but wouldn't that be fun? One of the things on my life-list is to ski in the Alps, and here is my opportunity. All I would need would be a plane ticket and spending money as I could stay with Rosy. Hmm....I am just sayin'!

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