Friday, October 06, 2006

Ok, Where I've been, Where I am, and Where I Need to go

It has been so long since I last posted, that it probably would take longer than I have time for right now to get into the details of it all. Let's just say, the preschool started, and London and those two words pretty much detail what I have been doing with my self the last month or so.

The preschool officially started on Monday Setp. 11th. We had an open house Mon and Tues after a VERY long weekend of getting the room ready and all the administrative stuff we had to do to get ready. The first week and a half or so of the preschool went well as well. I am in love with all of the four and five year olds. They are old enough to communicate and have enough self-control that you don't have to spend time re-directing them and so you feel like you can get to know them. At some point in time I will list some of the fun things about each of the 4/5 year olds. They are all boys, not one girl in that class.

The 3 year olds are a little tougher. It is going to take more of an effort on my part to "fall in love" with them. We are spending a lot of time redirecting behavior and getting them to make better behavior choices. It makes it harder to get to know them. There has been a lot of breakthrough, though, even in just one month.

So, that has been a big part of my last month. However, I did get to go to London for 11 days for Jess and James' wedding. I got back on Sunday after my trip and have been recovering from jet lag the last week.

I had a great week and a half in London and I will update with pictures soon. This trip was my first trip that was purely for "fun" and no ministry involved whatsoever. I felt like I got all of the "tourist" stuff I wanted to do out of my system. I also got to catch up with a whole bunch of friends from there. It was a little bitter sweet. I am still so comfortable being there and felt like I just fit into the life there seamlessly and that was so fun to be able to feel like I actually lived there and what life might be like if I ever were to live there or be there more permanently. But then, when I left, was ready to go. Living out of a suitcase is not the most fun, and knowing that I had a lot of stuff here in Tacoma to take care of, I was ready to get to it.

I will update more on how I am doing spiritually soon. I am tired and jet lagging at the moment, and so I am off to bed soon.

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