Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Called to Call2All?

One of the purposes for this trip, in my mind, was to come to a conclusion about whether working for Call2All full time was something I felt I would do.  I prayed ferverently about this before I left, hoping it would become clear.  I am grateful that I feel this has happened.

The bottom line is this: I don't want to, nor do I feel called to do administration.  This is what I'd be doing if I were to move to Kona specifically to work for Call2All full time. 

I had a short talk with Martin, one of the Call2All staff members in charge of the conference while I was there about this decision.  This was a divinely orchestratd appointment because Martin had no idea of my wrestle....so he was able to speak about the situation.  What he said was this: there is not currently full-time work *in* Kona.  However, if I wanted to continue to stay in Tacoma and just help out as I have been doing with the conferences once or twice a year that I "had a good thing going." 

If I moved to Kona, I'd be doing two things: admin for the organization part-time and doing event coordinating the other part time.  If I stay in Tacoma, I can actually continue to help with the events (which is separate from the admin aspect) from here and not have to move to Kona to do the other part-time admin (oh the magic of technology like the internet that allows something like this to even be possible!).  I could continue to work and then help with a conference or two a year. 

I actually really enjoyed doing the conference once it got started.  I enjoyed meeting the people involved with the conference.  I liked a lot of aspects of the conference....I do not think I'd really be happy doing full-time administration work.

This does not mean I won't do a DTS, that is still an option on my radar screen.  It does not mean I won't continue to explore other international options, but I feel confirmed in my heart that specifically moving to Kona to do admin for Call2All won't be happening.  I feel confirmed in my heart that doing what I have done for them for the last seven months, which is helping to coordinate events, will continue to happen for now, from Tacoma.

In fact, there has already been an ivitation to help with their conference in India sometime this coming fall. 



  1. Glad you feel some discernment and peace!

  2. This is great news, a real answer to prayer. Praise God for His clear guidance. Good to hear you might be in Tacoma when we come visit!!