Monday, May 04, 2009


I am right in the middle of making a couple of decisions about my life and where it will lead in the next few years: 1. a possible job here in Tacoma that will mean that I am firmly committing myself to being "on the ground" here in the city for the next few years and 2. possibly just continuing my random job stuff, but freeing me up to be involved in missions things as well as any Call2All Next Generation beginnings that will probably take place here in Tacoma starting in November.

I have been, however, feeling woefully incapable of hearing God's voice lately. Well, lately, as in the last year or so minimum. Maybe even closer to to two years.

I had some wise counsel from a friend though, who encouraged me to ask "What do I do?" rather than bringing my specific options to the Lord and asking Him which one to choose. So, I did that the other night and felt in my spirit a clear direction: "Be available."

I am certain the Lord meant be available for ministry, though the singleness-factor is almost always in play :D This does not give me an immediate answer to my job choices, but I think is a clear focus from the Lord to just worry about what He is asking me today and the rest will take care of itself.

So, this week presents my first two opportunities to just say yes when I am available. On Friday we will be presenting a drama after school at a local high school as an outreach. I just happen to not have to work on Friday, so I am going to the school to pray for people after the drama is over. I am also going up to Seattle tomorrow to pray for people after a class as well.

I am most excited about the drama. It debuted last night at church and the end of it includes the "Everything" skit. I weep every time I see this and last night was no exception. I really and truly bawl. It is kind of embarrassing, actually, how hard I cry.

I have included a link to the video of another church doing the same skit.


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  1. Praying the Lord continues to give you wisdom and discernment and peace. Recently Verla reminded me that finding the one the Lord may have for me cannot be calculated, and that the Lord's timing is perfect. Helpful reminder for me, I hope its helpful for you. :)