Tuesday, December 12, 2006


It was a busy weekend! Friday night was the Harris' Annual Christmas Party complete with "bad Christmas sweater" competition (which I didn't enter due to a severe lack of bad Christmas sweaters on my part). Saturday I woke up early and had a meeting with Erika and a guy named Kyle (not my brother) about the preschool. Kyle has his school admininstrator's credientials and is now fully on board for helping get additional grades added to our school for next year. I left the meeting with him feeling so incredibly encouraged by him. He is just SUCH the right person to help us with the legal, and financial stuff with adding grades that Erika and I just don't know enough about. He is full of lots of great ideas, energy, and enthusiasm. Just great! Then, church, and after church out with Jackie and Lora for icecream. Sunday was another meeting regarding preschool in the morning and then to see the "Nutcracker" for Julie's (roommate) birthday. What a fun and neat performance. It made me want to get out my violin and play! Then last night (which I know is Monday) we stayed up til 11pm making Christmas cookies and candy to give to our neighbors.

At any rate, here are some pics. The one of me holding the kitten is because I am a proud new owner of a brandnew kitten. She was rescued from being abandoned at a stripmall parking lot. She came to me thin, dirty, scratched up and with one eye blind. So, her name is Jack. One-eyed Jack like the playing card. Even though she is a SHE and not a HE, the name Jack just seems to fit.

She's the cutest thing ever, growing fast, clean and fluffy now and very healthy with the exception of the eye.

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