Monday, May 08, 2006

Spiritual Renewal Week

Last week was "Spiritual Renewal Week" at church, and other than coming down with a cold/laryngitis, it was an amazing week. The Lord is really doing some incredible things here in Tacoma.....we have only begun to see the fruit of it. Basically, our ministry is going world-wide. We are hosting business leaders from the world's top ten companies, leaders of international/national ministries right and left. But, we won't be completely unleashed if we cannot take our own city for the Lord.

I am feeling more and more prompted about what that would/could look like for me.....more gals to live with me, starting a preschool, going to work part time instead of full time.....the list of possibilities is endless. And, fear is a big one that is coming up when I think about doing some of those things. That would be what would hold me back. Fear of moving out of my "comfort zone," fear that the Lord would provide financially. There are some real hurdles to overcome to do this....I need to sell my car and get out from under that debt. If I am going to refinance my house/remodel, that HAS to happen this summer! However, the thought of stuff happening in Tacoma and me remaining where I am in life right now feels stifling....the time is NOW!

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